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How to correctly select a PDU in a data center?

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As the value of PDUs is gradually enlarged and widely recognized, from national data centers to small and medium-sized users of a single cabinet, the choice and demand for PDUs are also different, especially small and medium-sized computer room users, a large group base, more risks and hidden dangers, need a more professional, fast, convenient purchase entrance.

So in the face of many PDU products on the market, how to choose the most reliable PDU? The following points are worth referring to.


First, reliable product process

The shell should be made of professional-grade aluminum alloy shell that meets the requirements of industrial control, and the surface treatment is anodized process to make it more wear-resistant and scratch resistant.

The overall material of the socket should be made of PC flame retardant material, which has excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation and flame retardant, and should also have super stability when used to ensure long-term continuous use.

The use of built-in insulation layer inside the socket can effectively insulate the live parts from the metal shell to ensure personal and equipment safety and meet the industrial grade.

Second, professional product certification

The country has relevant quality testing and certification for various products, when choosing PDU products, it is not only necessary to look at the manufacturer's qualification but also to look at the product quality certification, such as 3C certification, CE certification.

The qualification of the manufacturer should focus on the factory certification documents, and the qualification of the product should look at the testing documents, product specifications, identification nameplates, etc., to ensure the standardization of the product.

Such tests:

(1) It must be tested by a microresistance tester with a resolution of 1μΩ to ensure that the contact resistance between each electrode and the incoming line is consistent.

(2) Must pass AC2000V above the voltage test, test the insulation performance between the electrodes, between the electrode and the housing, between the electrode and the ground terminal.

Third, reliable product source

Enterprise scale, strength, volume, qualification, etc. are used to measure whether the enterprise is formal standards, but it should be noted that formal is not equal to professional, some regular manufacturers are not professional manufacturers of PDU products, or PDU products are not their advantage products.

This requires enterprises to comprehensively consider the brand's reputation in the industry, the specifications of specific products, product production years and sales and other dimensions in the selection process.

Fourth, quality sales service

We often say that only the feet know when the shoes are uncomfortable, but in the face of expensive equipment and the risk of system crashes, we must eliminate the "uncomfortable" experience. Therefore, reliable pre-sales service is an important sign to measure whether a PDU manufacturer is professional.

What is often encountered is that without professional guidance, it is easy to appear that the equipment cannot use electricity normally, the power distribution is not enough, the grounding is not good, and even the equipment is burned, and the power supply is interrupted. Improperly, it is likely to pay the painful cost in the later stage.

No matter how good the product, no one can guarantee that there will be no bad time. So after-sales service is also a key issue.

For PDU such a special product, if the matching experience value of the equipment in the room is an important guarantee of pre-sale service, then the manufacturer's years of service is not only an important indicator to judge the manufacturer's professionalism, but also the basis for its ability to provide continuous and stable after-sales service.

As a qualified power socket, the stable performance of the PDU is a must, and adequate protection function is its basis. Therefore, in the selection of PDU power sockets, as long as you pay attention to the above points, you can well control the quality of the product, choose a satisfactory product, not easy to be fooled.

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