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How does a fiber microscope work?

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here are many professional terms in the field of industrial data communication, such as Ethernet, optical amplifier, protocol converter and so on. At the same time, there are many products in the field of industrial communication, such as industrial switches, industrial-grade fiber transceivers, fiber amplifiers, fiber extenders, protocol converters, etc. , to understand some of the professional vocabulary. So, today by flying science and technology to give you a detailed introduction to the light amplifier, I hope to help you, let's take a look!

What is an optical amplifier?

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Optical amplifier is a kind of subsystem product which can amplify the optical signal in the Fiber-optic communication system.The principle of optical amplifier is basically based on stimulated emission of laser, which is amplified by converting the energy of pump light into that of signal light. Optical amplifiers have revolutionized the Fiber-optic communication industry since the commercialization of 1990s.How does an optical amplifier work?Erbium-doped Optical Fiber Amplifer (EDFA) basically consists of a Erbium-doped Fiber amplifier of Erbium-doped Optical Fiber, a pump laser, and a photosynthesizer. Different structures have been developed for different Erbium-doped fiber amplifier.The principle of amplification of EDFA is similar to that of laser generation, the energy difference between the meta-stable state and the ground state of the rare earth element Er (3 +) in the fiber is equivalent to the energy of a 1,550 nm photon, and when the pumping energy of the appropriate wavelength is absorbed (980 nm or 1,480 nm) , the energy difference between the ground state and the ER (3 +) is similar to that of a 1,550 nm photon, when the pumping source is sufficient, erbium ion electrons will undergo a population reverse. That is, the higher-order metastable state has more electrons than the lower-order ground state. When the appropriate light signal passes through, the metastable state electrons will have stimulated radiation effect, emitting a large number of photons of the same wavelength, but because of the existence of vibrational energy, the wavelength is not a single but a range, typically 1,530-1,570 nm.Classification of optical amplifiersOptical amplifier can be generally divided into fiber amplifier and semiconductor optical amplifier two.

There are also erbium-doped (ER) , praseodymium (PR) and Tunku Abdul Rahman amplifiers.The Erbium-doped fiber amplifier, which works at a wavelength of 1550nm, has been widely used in the Fiber-optic communication industry. Praseodymium-doped amplifier can work at the wavelength of 1310nm, but it is still in the stage of laboratory research because of the unsatisfactory conversion efficiency.Tunku Abdul Rahman amplifier is a new type of amplifier, which has been commercialized in recent years. Semiconductor optical amplifier structure is compact, convenient integration, has been favored by many people. However, due to the polarization effect is not ideal, has not been a large-scale commercialization.

The above is about the industrial field of communication vocabulary: fiber amplifier introduction, more product-level specifications and product knowledge, you can be in the product center or contact the customer service staff to consult and understand Oh! Feichang technology has long been committed to providing customers with optical terminals, industrial fiber transceivers, Industrial Ethernet switches, protocol converters, serial port servers and other industrial network communications products, has become a leading brand in the field of domestic industrial communications, Welcome to come to understand and exchange.

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