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How LinkedIn Develops Foreign Clients

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In overseas promotion, LinkedIn marketing occupies a very important position. 52% of buyers said that LinkedIn has the greatest impact on their research process before purchasing a product; and most of the LinkedIn users are white-collar workers, of which decision makers account for the majority. The ratio is very high, and companies can find project leaders directly from the LinkedIn platform. It is very important to build a basic account in the early stage of LinkedIn marketing. And how to improve personal information and get more friends pass rate.


Don’t think too complicated about developing foreign customers on LinkedIn. It is recommended to focus on the following two points, and you will definitely be able to develop the customers you want. Especially for small foreign trade companies, if they can develop 2-3 foreign customers on LinkedIn and can place orders, the business can continue to develop, and they can also make good profits. One point is to consider from the product. Product is king, and I have always believed in this truth. When doing foreign trade, the first consideration is also the product. In the foreign trade market, either your products have special characteristics, or your products have price advantages. Therefore, when we choose products, we can consider these two perspectives. I have been doing fabric foreign trade for so many years, and now I have found out that under the current situation, I should mainly promote products with price advantages and running volume. The overall market is sluggish, and some wool-containing products are rarely inquired by customers. Therefore, I pushed a brushed polyester plaid product on LinkedIn in the early stage. The product pictures were sent out, and many customers came to inquire and ask for samples. At present, there are more than 300,000 meters of orders in hand, and there are still more orders to be placed in the future. 

Therefore, don’t mess with products, and you must choose the main products based on customer needs. One point is to consider customer resources. If you want to have a breakthrough in business, you must have the basis of the number of customers. Only when the number of customers has reached a certain accumulation, can qualitative changes be caused. Some high-quality customers will naturally jump out. I currently have more than 25,000 contacts on LinkedIn, and the two most profitable customers I am currently working on are the ones I developed on LinkedIn. One is a customer in the United States, the other is a customer in Turkey, the payment method is 30 deposit, the former TT, there is almost no risk. LinkedIn is a gold mine, the key depends on whether you have the means and methods to develop it. What I want to emphasize is that it is definitely difficult in the early stage. I feel that without customers paying attention to you, the more you do it, the less confident you are. But precisely because of the difficulty, those who persevere can make it.

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