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Face raw material rise in price, how should foreign trade enterprise deal with?

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Recently, many enterprises have suffered from supply shortages, factories and supply chains are unable to operate normally, and the prices of copper, iron, aluminum, and some other raw materials, such as plastics, continue to rise.  Chip supply shortage, the electronic industry continues to rise in price, and even in the oil, there are many large refineries are closed, chemical raw materials are very big impact.  Due to the scarcity of raw materials, it will also affect the industrial chain. Take oil for example, the price rise of raw materials involves furniture, home appliances, electronics, textiles, plastics, tires and other industries.  With the recovery of the economy, even in this state, there is still the possibility of some impact of port warehouse explosion. Under the influence of various factors at present, the consumer side may also face the possibility of price rise.Raw materials, after all, is already a scarce, next, gross margins will be under compression profits, in the face of so many factors, one side is less profit, and scarce raw materials, as a foreign trade enterprise, how to deal with the situation, in the face of the customer quotation, how do you open?


Maintain communication with customers,First of all, we must send the explanation of the price increase to overseas customers. We can use our own customer system to carry out the function of customer label and screening. We can make a mark on some customers who have signed long-term contracts and send a situation explanation to customers.

There is also, can also explain with the customer to place an order in advance as soon as possible, the current trend has not been fully shown, and there may be more to go up, through these instructions, to explain to the customer to clinch a deal.  

There are also large quantities of intelligent marketing that can be done through automation strategies.  


I'm sorry to inform you that the price of the corresponding products will rise because of the increase in the price of   raw materials.Because we have some stock, the price increase is not large, but please place an order as soon as possible,   the subsequent may rise more, thank you!Adjust quotation with customer in timeAt present, the range of price changes is still relatively large, so when docking with customers, it is necessary to timely adjust the price.

When adjusting the price of a commodity, you can use fumon MX to adjust the price of the commodity. If so, the price can be changed accordingly when you need to call the commodity to create a quotation.Quotation management and controlAt present, due to the impact of insufficient supply, price changes will be relatively large, so the function of a quotation is very important, we must do a good job in quotation management and control.

In this regard, we must choose a system that can modify the quotation template to avoid trouble caused by price changes.  Be sure to inform customers in time, this is very critical, can also trigger customers to place orders as soon as possible.High-quality customers become an important means of breaking throughUnder the situation of today, many foreign trade enterprises are bitter could not say, in terms of price and cannot be cut, behind the high price is caused by a rapid decline in the number of orders, also can make a lot of old customers will withdraw from the cooperation, and to find new partners, to face the loss of a large number of customers, customer development has become a top priority.

At present, in the post-epidemic era, foreign trade enterprises should not rashly adopt a state of "small profits, high sales" and "wide net". If they develop customers in such an unreasonable way, they will only greatly reduce efficiency and need a lot of cost input.Therefore, it is necessary to make intensive cultivation and develop customers efficiently and accurately, constantly excavate the value of customers and improve their re-cooperation and re-purchase.  The most intelligent way to break through foreign trade is to cultivate a habit of thinking to fight side by side with customers and overcome difficulties together, and maximize the future value of customers!

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