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Traffic Consumed by Different Applications Per Hour

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With the popularity of online office and online teaching, people's demand for network is increasing. Under the new data demand, the normally smooth running home network may come to a standstill. To build a better network, we must use high-quality fc to sma adapter, corning fiber termination box, din rail fiber patch panels, etc. To run multiple video conferencing, watch TV, listen to music at the same time, you have to use a better network. 


To help you get a better online experience, here is a list of the data usage rates for some of the most popular work from home activities. 



Work Activities



Email uses less than 1MB of data per hour. Email is one of the lightest activities you can do. Although usage varies by attachment, text e-mail typically costs less than 1 MB per hour.


Web Browsing

When you read text, graphics and video, browsing the web is a multimedia experience. When browsing a web page, all content must be downloaded, which will cost some data. In general, the amount of data used for browsing a web page is about 60MB per hour.



Skype allows you to connect with colleagues, friends and family. The data required for voice calls is about 130MB per hour, while that for video calls is about 700MB.


Google Hangouts

Similar to Skype, Google Hangouts provides voice and video calls. Voice calls require at least 45MB of data per hour and up to 600MB of data.



Zoom is a popular software because it can provide users with video conferencing. In general, an hour of video conferencing requires about 810MB of data.


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Social Activities



There are 21 million tweets per hour. To digest a small portion of these tweets, you'll spend 360MB an hour using Twitter.



Browsing Facebook will cost you 90 to 156MB of data per hour, depending on how many videos you watch. Facebook users like to watch videos, with more than 800 billion video views per day.



This software is mainly used to share photos taken by users. If you like to watch photos on this software, you need to use about 720MB of data per hour. 






Streaming music is one of the least expensive entertainment activities. You need 40MB of data per hour. 



Surprisingly, online games require less data than most conference calls. Most online games range from 3MB to 300MB. If you want to have lower latency when playing games, you can replace your original sc to st fiber adapter, ftb fiber termination box and other devices with the latest products. 



Streaming video is one of the most bandwidth-intensive activities. People around the world watch more than a billion hours of video a day. To view video smoothly, you need high-quality lc simplex adapter, fibre optic distribution box and ofc termination box to provide a better network. You need to use 240 MB to 3 GB of data per hour to watch video.



People watch 165 million hours of video a day on Netflix. Because of the high definition of video on Netflix, you need a faster network to keep the video flowing. Therefore, you need to upgrade the normal network to an optical network composed of devices such as fc to sc adapter and 2 port fiber termination box. You may need to use 1GB to 7GB of data per hour to watch videos. 

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