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[Knowledge] Has fiber coverage been achieved in the United States?
This question is a bit broad and can include the following two main branches, 1. The optical fiber coverage of the backbone network (long haul and metro network), and 2. The optical fiber coverage of the access network (access network). In contrast, the questioner may be more concerned about the acc
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[Knowledge] What is the function of crimping pliers
The Internet has now become an indispensable part of our life and work, and in order to connect to the Internet, we need to use network cables. Speaking of network cables, I think everyone is familiar with them. Whether it is at home or at work, it can be said that network cables are everywhere. , b
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[Knowledge] What should I do if the optical module port is exposed to the external environment for a long time and is polluted? How to clean?
Usually, the ports of the newly purchased optical modules are clean, and there is no need to clean the ports, but for the optical modules that are idle or have not been inserted into the dust cap in time, when they are used again, in order to prevent the transmission performance from being affected,
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[Knowledge] How to solve the loss problem when fiber is fused?
When light is transmitted in the optical fiber, loss will occur, and the optical fiber loss is mainly composed of the transmission loss of the optical fiber itself and the fusion loss at the optical fiber fusion splice. Let us first understand the main factors that affect the loss of optical fiber f
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[Knowledge] Analysis of Ultraviolet Fast Fiber Coating Technology
In the field of optical fiber coating machines and anti -optical ratio tests, import monopolies have been broken, and key technical improvements have been made for some brand coating machine injection pipes, which are easy to block, waste glue, severe glue, long curing time, etc. Technical cooperati
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[Knowledge] Optical fiber or network cable which is better when decorating
The decoration is generally in these two situations: 1 is the new decoration of the new house, and 2 is the renovation of the old house. In any case, we have an overall plan before we do decoration, especially for network applications, most people do not understand very well.Today, I only recommend
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[Knowledge] What is the function of the optical cable splice closure?
Nowadays, with the rapid development of communication networks, whether it is the fiber-optic broadband installed in your home or the 5G signal used by your mobile phone, all rely on powerful optical communication technology. In order for optical signals to enter the world accurately and safely, the
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[Knowledge] What "role" does the optical cable junction box play in the weak current wiring
As the most common wires for weak current wiring, cables and optical cables have been widely used. In order to better organize a large number of cables, the optical cable junction box is grandly mounted. Let's follow the editor of Kelan Communication to understand the role of the junction box. The f
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[Knowledge] What is the relationship between fiber and broadband?
Broadband means that your family wants to surf the Internet for computers and mobile phones. You go to the business hall and tell me to set up a broadband for me. It is the usual name for the home cable network. , So at that time, the family wanted to access the Internet with a telephone line plus a
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[Knowledge] Briefly talk about the difference between Ethernet, local area network and Internet
Briefly talk about the difference between Ethernet, local area network, and the Internet. Today, I will briefly talk about the difference between Ethernet, local area network, and Internet with the heroes. Hello everyone, it's time for daily study again. Today, let's talk about the difference betwee
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