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[Knowledge] Why can't fiber optic patch cord replace lan patch cord? What's the difference?
In the cabling industry, the battle between optical fiber and copper cable has been going on for more than a decade now with cloud computing 5 g new business constantly emerging, such as data center scale unceasingly expands, its architecture and wiring is becoming more and more complex, and the opt
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[Industry News] What is the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on foreign trade industry?
Clashes between Russia and Ukraine have intensified over the past week. Russia announced the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine's Donbas region early Wednesday morning. On The same day, Russia carried out precision strikes on Ukraine's military infrastructure, destroying the Ukraini
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[Knowledge] Face raw material rise in price, how should foreign trade enterprise deal with?
Recently, many enterprises have suffered from supply shortages, factories and supply chains are unable to operate normally, and the prices of copper, iron, aluminum, and some other raw materials, such as plastics, continue to rise. Chip supply shortage, the electronic industry continues to rise in
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[Knowledge] Why is sea transportation the most important of all transportation? What are all the modes of transportation?
Transportation is one of the links in logistics management. The essence of logistics management is not to create value, but to improve the profit space by reducing costs, so reducing costs is a key element of logistics. The main modes of international transportation include air transportation, sea
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[Knowledge] The cultures of various countries that foreign trade people must know
1. The way of thinking about cultural differences in foreign trade marketing The Anglo-American thinking mode is characterized by deductive reasoning in a linear sequence, while the Chinese are more intuitive, intuitive, and use imagery thinking. In cross-cultural language communication, this differ
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[Knowledge] Does the decoration need pre-buried network cables or optical fibers?
fiber to the home"The current network uses optical fiber", this sentence is correct, but it is only fiber to the home. Fibers have lower losses when transmitting signals over long distances. From the optical cat in our house to the operator's control room, all network signals are transmitted by opti
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[Knowledge] ROHS certification introduction
What is ROHS certification? RoHS certification is also called environmental protection certification, which is in line with European and American standards. It is the English abbreviation of The import of harmful heavy metals such as cadmium Cd, mercury Hg, hexavalent chromium Cr6+, polybrominated d
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[Knowledge] Do you know the difference between EPON and GPON?
A PON is introduced1. What is PONPON (passive optical network) technology (including EPON and GPON) is the development of FTTx (fiber to the home) main implementation techniques, it can save the backbone fiber resources and network level, under the condition of long distance transmission can provide
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[Knowledge] What is the difference between single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber?
Fiber optics are flexible, transparent fibers made of extruded glass or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair. Optical fiber is the most common means of transmitting light at both ends and is widely used in optical fiber communication. Optical fiber has a longer transmission distance and hig
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[Knowledge] Difference between network TV and HD set top box
There are three types of set-top boxes: 1) one is a traditional set-top box operated by various radio and television operators (Beijing Gehua, Hangzhou Huashu, etc.); 2) the other is operated by telecom operators or other third parties; 3) The recently popular network TV set-top box, similar to Tele
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