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Do not use the modem as a router, there is a big difference between the two!
Many people have seen a light cat, many people have only a light cat at home, because some light cats have their own routing function, they use the light cat as a wireless router, but this is a big discount to the wireless network at home, you Can't enjoy the good internet speed you should have. Nex
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[Knowledge] How to make an optical fiber connection
The optical fiber connection adopts the fusion method. Welding is done by melting the ends of the fiber and connecting the two fibers together, a process similar to wire welding, which is usually accomplished by arc welding, as shown in the following figure: 1, fiber fusion equipment and tools as sh
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[Knowledge] ADSS fiber optic cable connection steps and disk fiber need to pay attention to the details
Optical fiber connection is an important process in optical fiber transmission system with large engineering and high technical requirements. Its quality directly affects the transmission quality and reliability of optical fiber lines. The connection of ADSS fiber optic cable is divided into the fol
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[Knowledge] Do you know the difference between a branch cable and fiber optic cable?
Multi-core fiber optic cables are widely used in high density indoor and outdoor applications.In this article, we will discuss some of the differences between branching and wiring cables. Branch VS distribution optical cable both branch optical cable and distribution optical cable consist of 900um S
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[Knowledge] What are the main development directions of fiber amplifier EDFA.
Understand the OFA: Optical Fiber Amplifier (OFA: Optical Fiber Amplifier) first understand the role of Optical amplifiers in Optical communications. In Fiber-optic communication, light causes loss and dispersion during transmission, which can weaken the signal over long distances. The traditional m
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[Knowledge] The reason that affects the network speed
The first is the quality of the wire itself. For example, the wire is not up to standard. The copper core is made of copper clad aluminum or recycled,copper, while the standard twisted pair wire.The quality of the network cable has an impact on the speed of the network, because the material used in
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[Knowledge] Classification of communication systems
For a zero-based population, the first encounter with communication is a very confusing one -- it's a huge concept, it feels like communication is all-knowing, but blind men and an elephant, i don't know what kind of existence it is. 2G/3G/4G/5g/WI-FI/Lora/NB-IOT/Bluetooth/NFC/Zigbee... ? ... We've
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[Knowledge] What should be paid attention to in the outdoor cabinet equipment shell design
Cabinet is an indispensable part of electrical control equipment, is the electrical control equipment 'carrier' . As the carrier of the control system, the cabinet,plays a vital role in protecting the safety of the equipment. For outdoor cabinet equipment, its requirements are higher. Outdoor cabine
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[Knowledge] The difference between customs declaration and clearance
It is worth learning the customs declaration process, the steps are as follows: 1: Export Company staff contact customers pre-scheduled freight forwarding company, freight forwarding in advance and export staff consultation, the cost to be paid by the manufacturer (this cost is the price of the good
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[Knowledge] How does a fiber microscope work?
here are many professional terms in the field of industrial data communication, such as Ethernet, optical amplifier, protocol converter and so on. At the same time, there are many products in the field of industrial communication, such as industrial switches, industrial-grade fiber transceivers, fib
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