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[Knowledge] Research on High and Low Temperature Resistance Performance of Multi-mode Miniature Tele-Optical Cable
I. IntroductionWith the development of 4G and 5G communication networks, the number of base stations is rapidly increasing, and the amount of outdoor remote optical cables is increasing. The current remote technology generally adopts a distributed base station architecture. In the base station signa
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[Knowledge] How to reconnect the network cable if it is broken
What should I do if the network cable is not long enough or is broken? This situation will happen in actual projects. The network cable is short or interrupted. The rewiring is obviously more costly and labor, so how to solve it? Let's take a look together today.
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[Knowledge] Prevention and Solution of Water Ingress in the Joint Box of Directly Buried Optical Cable
1. Correct handling of the lead-in part of the optical cable in the splice boxCommonly used optical cable joint boxes for direct buried laying, no matter what structure, as long as they have a network access license, are equipped with instructions for their application characteristics. The operator
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[Knowledge] PLC optical splitter technology technology
PLC chips are generally made on six materials, they are: lithium niobate (LiNbO3), the waveguide is formed by diffusing Ti ions on the lithium niobate crystal to form a waveguide, the waveguide structure is diffusion type; III-V group semiconductor compound, waveguide InP is called the bottom and lo
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[Knowledge] Electrode correct understanding and maintenance guide
The electrode rod is the core component of the optical fiber fusion splicer. In daily work, I believe everyone will be confused. Why does the electrode rod "black" or "white" after a period of fusion splicing? The following editor will answer for you why there is such a phenomenon.
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[Knowledge] How to distinguish between UPC and APC?
When talking about fiber optic patch cords, such as fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, adapters and splitters, it will involve descriptions containing UPC or APC. Some customers will be curious, what is LC/UPC-LC/UPC? What is SC/APC-SC/APC? In fact, UPC and APC are two polishing methods for fiber op
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[Knowledge] How should the optical fiber cable be equipped with an optical fiber tray?
How should the optical cable be equipped with reel and what is the construction process? Let's take a look at the steps of optical cable distribution:   (1) List the total length of optical cable routing     List the ground length of each relay according to the route retest data. Including the total
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[Knowledge] Do you know the role and installation steps of the pacth panel in integrated wiring?
Ada:In the construction of network systems, irregular and unreasonable problems often arise in the selection and installation of distribution frames. So, if you want to solve this kind of problem, you need to recognize the importance of the distribution frame. Below, this article will mainly show th
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[Knowledge] Difference between single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber
single mode fiber is different from multi-mode fiber in the aspects of core diameter, light source ,bandwidth,color of jacket,modal dispersion  and price.
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[Knowledge] What are the uses of the visual fault locator? How to use the visual fault locator?
In the environment of integrated network cabling, in order to meet the needs of high-performance cabling, optical fibers often appear bare fibers, coil fibers, and fiber fusion splicing. Since optical fibers are relatively fragile and prone to failures relative to copper wires, optical fiber inspect
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