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[Knowledge] How to deal with optical fiber transmission attenuation effectively
In the modern communication industry, communications, optical fiber transmission technology as a kind of common information data transmission mode, since it has advantages of high efficiency and high transmission speed, communication quality, greatly satisfy the demand of modern social development,
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[Knowledge] The reason why the optical fiber cannot be excessively bent
Fiber Optic Patch Cord should not be excessively bent in the installation, because in addition to the soft characteristics of optical fiber, bending will also bring a lot of unstable factors to the transmission.This article will focus on this detail of fiber transmission, with an in-depth discussion
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[Knowledge] Analysis of the reasons for accessories heating and processing in transmission line
In the long-term transmission line operation and maintenance process, the heat of the line clip is the main defect of the line. Transmission line clamps are mainly equipment clamps, tension-resistant clamps, and trench clamps, etc. The following is based on the field operation and maintenance, for t
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[Knowledge] FTTH Accessories introduction
The difference between optical cable fittings and electric power fittings:Power fittings is a kind of metal fittings that connects and combines all kinds of fittings in power system.Optical cable hardware is the overhead cable used in the field of optical cable hardware, as well as direct contact op
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[Knowledge] Technical specification for overhead construction of optical cable
When an optical fiber is stretched beyond its tensile limit, it breaks. The fiber optic cable structure increases the strengthening member, the fiber optic cable required tensile strength, mainly by the strengthening member to bear. In the process of construction, the traction should not exceed the
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[Knowledge] How to improve customer conversion rate
If you want to ask the foreign trade industry bosses are most concerned about the problem, then customer conversion rate must be an unavoidable topic. Foreign trade customer development has the characteristics of long transaction cycle, complex transaction process, large personnel changes . Limited
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[Knowledge] How to deal with your zombie customers
How to deal with your“Zombie” customers, we often encounter the daily work of collating and analyzing customer data, we will be based on customer activity, customers will be divided into zombie customers and active customers. An active customer is a customer who responds effectively when we have a b
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[Knowledge] Comprehensive Modular Plug quality discrimination
Modular Plug is the basic network product, but it can determine the transmission speed of the entire network line. Do you know how to distinguish the good or bad Modular Plug?Main determinants:The factor that determines the quality of the Modular Plug is whether the glue material is of high quality.
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[Knowledge] How do optical cable lines do lightning protection measures?
Because the cable has good insulation performance, the importance of lightning protection cable is often ignored. The lightning protection of optical cable line is a key technology related to line safety which should be paid attention to in the whole process of route survey and design to engineering
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[Knowledge] Eight influencing factors and control methods of loose casing length of optical fiber
The excess length of the communication optical fiber is the key to the process control in the production process of the plastic sleeve process. The so-called excess length is the percentage per thousand of the difference between the length of the optical fiber and the length of the loose tube and th
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