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Melontel Communication want to "make the communication sweeter" in the world, it means we need to provide the best products, best service to our customers. Thus, customers can enjoy the advantages of cooperation with Melontel from purchase, transportation, use, after-sales and other aspects

Melontel established in 1995, is one of the leading communication equipment manufacturers in China. Our firm is located in Cixi city, close to ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. 
At Present, more than 100 employees are working in our company and dozens of advanced techniques are in use. 
  • November,30, 2022
    How to make an optical fiber connection

    The optical fiber connection adopts the fusion method. Welding is done by melting the ends of the fiber and connecting the two fibers together, a process similar to wire welding, which is usually accomplished by arc welding, as shown in the following figure: 1, fiber fusion equipment and tools as sh

  • November,30, 2022
    ADSS fiber optic cable connection steps and disk fiber need to pay attention to the details

    Optical fiber connection is an important process in optical fiber transmission system with large engineering and high technical requirements. Its quality directly affects the transmission quality and reliability of optical fiber lines. The connection of ADSS fiber optic cable is divided into the fol

  • November,30, 2022
    Do you know the difference between a branch cable and fiber optic cable?

    Multi-core fiber optic cables are widely used in high density indoor and outdoor applications.In this article, we will discuss some of the differences between branching and wiring cables. Branch VS distribution optical cable both branch optical cable and distribution optical cable consist of 900um S


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