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Melontel Communication want to "make the communication sweeter" in the world, it means we need to provide the best products, best service to our customers. Thus, customers can enjoy the advantages of cooperation with Melontel from purchase, transportation, use, after-sales and other aspects

Melontel established in 1995, is one of the leading communication equipment manufacturers in China. Our firm is located in Cixi city, close to ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. 
At Present, more than 100 employees are working in our company and dozens of advanced techniques are in use. 
  • March,31, 2023
    How do foreign trade people calmly receive customers factory inspection?

    In foreign trade business, many times they have to receive customers for factory inspection. Especially now, more and more customers are coming to China for business trips to look at suppliers. There are also many foreign companies that have Chinese office staff at home, then the Chinese staff must

  • March,31, 2023
    When foreign customers visit the factory, what should we show them?

    I've written a lot about how customers look at factories, but mostly I've focused on the small details of how to receive customers, because I think most factories are familiar with receiving customers. But many new factories, new foreign trade enterprises into a misunderstanding. When presented to c

  • March,31, 2023
    The Usage Method of Multimeter

    As a multi-functional and multi-range measurement device, multimeter is also known as a multiplemeter and three-meter, which can typically measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistance, and the equality of audio electricity. There has more functional types that can also measure AC current, capacitance and so on.


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