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  • [Blog] Introduction to Optical fiber


    Optical fiber, short for optical fiber, is a fiber made of glass or plastic that can be used as a tool for conducting light. Communication fiber is a medium for transmitting light, and its main component is silicon dioxide. Its structure can be divided into high refractive index core, low refractive Read More

  • [Blog] What is OLT ONU ODN ONT for optical access network?


    Optical access network is the optical transmission medium access network, instead of copper wire, used for access to every home.Optical access network An optical access network generally consists of three parts: optical line terminal OLT, optical network unit ONU, and optical distribution network OD Read More

  • [Blog] ONU‘s light signal has been flashing red, how to do?


    1. The optical port is low or there is no light, resulting in the abnormal operation of the user's optical transceiver. At this time, the signal lamp cannot receive optical signals from the optical cable or the power of optical signal transmission is too low, resulting in the abnormal handshake betw Read More

  • [Blog] What is a ONU?What's ONU's role?


    To the ONU this problem, many friends may be relatively unfamiliar, do not know why in the installation of network cable will be more than a ONU, then what is the ONU?What's the use of ONU alone?Let's go to understand the next Read More

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