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Is It Safe And Reliable to Use An Open Wireless Network?

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While you enjoy the convenience of wireless networks, do you understand the security threats of using WIFI, especially open wireless networks in public places? Cybercriminals may be illegally monitoring or even tampering with our wireless network communications. In order to prevent illegal eavesdropping of sensitive communication information, encrypted communication has become a basic requirement.



What Is Open Wi-Fi?


It is easy to set to open, just don't set the WIFI connection password. If it is set to open, anyone can connect to this WIFI, and it is likely that some people will use this network to occupy the WIFI traffic. All information sent on unsecured wireless networks (no Wi-Fi protected access or WPA2 security code required) is sent in plain text format, and anyone can intercept it. And if there is a virus on the network, it may affect other devices connected to the network. It is recommended to set the WPS-PSK/WPS2-PSK secure connection mode.


A wireless local area network can eliminate or minimize the workload of network wiring. Generally, as long as one or more access point devices are installed, a local area network covering the entire area can be established. Before installing the wireless LAN, you must prepare different types of fiber optic cable adapter, fixed optical attenuator, fiber optic patch cable.


Risks of Using Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks


The tools needed to crack the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security key and decrypt and view data on networked devices can be purchased from different sources, which proves that the risks of open Wi-Fi networks are great.


Connecting to an insecure WIFI wireless network may bring a lot of security threats and cause the loss of sensitive information. Hackers will set up fake wireless access points to lure wireless terminal devices to connect automatically or manually by users.


When you don't need to use WiFi, Bluetooth and data, turn them off. This not only saves power and extends battery life, but also reduces the possibility of hacker attacks.


After connecting to the wireless network in public places, immediately enable the VPN connection to ensure the safety of communication and prevent illegal sniffing, monitoring and tampering by cybercriminals.


Is It Legal to Use Someone Else's Open Wireless Network?


In addition to equipment and data security issues, using wireless networks maintained and paid for by others may also cause legal issues. Public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as coffee shops and restaurants, which are specially set up for guest use, are available. However, more attention should be paid to its safety. Wi-Fi hotspots are usually open, insecure wireless networks. If you use your neighbors Wi-Fi connection, please ask for their consent first to avoid legal problems caused by this.


The essential feature of a wireless local area network is that it no longer uses a communication cable to connect the computer to the network, but connects it wirelessly, making the construction of the network and the movement of the terminal more flexible.


Generally, as long as one or more access point devices are installed, a local area network covering the entire area can be established. In fact, you can install an entire fiber optic network yourself or share one with your neighbors, but sharing the network may cause problems such as slow network speed. At this time you have to consider the issue of patch panel patch cord and lan patch cord.


The fiber optic patch cord cable has a thicker protective layer and is generally used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box. It is applied in some fields such as optical fiber communication system, optical fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission and local area network.


If the fiber connector is dirty, you can clean it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or a stickler fiber cleaner, otherwise it will affect the communication quality. In addition, fiber optic cleaning kits also include fiber optic cleaning solution and fiber port cleaner.


How to Use Public Wi-Fi Safely?


When using an open Wi-Fi network, the following measures are recommended to protect privacy and data.


You had better use VPN. Automatic connection to non-preferred networks is not allowed. Enable or install a firewall. Turn off file sharing. Log in only to secure websites. Don't make financial transactions.

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