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How do foreign trade people calmly receive customers factory inspection?

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In foreign trade business, many times they have to receive customers for factory inspection. Especially now, more and more customers are coming to China for business trips to look at suppliers. There are also many foreign companies that have Chinese office staff at home, then the Chinese staff must have come to see the factory. Why are you here? To see if the company is real? Look at the true size of the company to see if the company is equipped with the corresponding procurement system, material system, order management system and so on to see whether the company's equipment is sufficient to see whether the company certification is in compliance with social responsibility to see the company's production line staff professional level to see the company's capacity to see whether the company has the ability to test their own laboratory and so on, we successfully received customers to see the factory, the factory through the inspection, then the subsequent transaction orders are almost certain. Therefore, foreign traders, in the face of the requirements of the factory inspection, do not be afraid, ready to meet our respected customers. To make a joke, although we want strategic customers, the customers are our rich father, but, speaking of which, the customers still don't want strategic suppliers. 


If they want to become bigger and stronger, they also need good supplier prices, delivery time, quality and so on with, so, self-confidence point, ready, ready to receive! Good Cooperation, is the two-way rush to each other, each other! Here, to give you some e sister practical experience of receiving customers, I hope to give some effective help! To ask the customer needs to prepare factory information on, directly ask the customer, what is the main content of their factory inspection? Is it the line? Or corporate social responsibility? Or corporate certification? In my experience, the average customer will answer, don't worry about being rude, or shouldn't ask. Direct to ask, so that we can also reflect the importance of customer factory inspection, but also can do They Knew What They Wanted, can be invincible. It is really important to inform the company to organize the production line workshop. Everyone knows how messy the workshop is at ordinary times. It is busy with goods delivery, production, and efficiency. Where can you clean the workshop and the work station in time, so it looks relatively cluttered and arbitrary. If the customer, according to the usual cleanliness and tidiness will certainly not give customers a good impression, some customers may also check the factory's 5s, certainly not through. We need to specially and the boss as well as the corresponding workshop supervisor, and even stretch, responsible for in place, we do business also have to check in time, so that everyone nodded in agreement, the result is the original customer came or what. So, let's follow up! It is not necessary to prepare the drinks and fruits that customers need, but it will be a plus! I usually prepare coffee, mineral water and other drinks for customers to choose from, so that any beverage can satisfy customers, make customers happy, but also let customers feel that I am a very careful person, you can follow the case closely and trust me. At the same time, also can let the customer have the cordial feeling to me, because my heart, they can see, also use, I own as the host, the heart is also very warm. If the company does not support the purchase of a variety of drinks, I have to buy their own money to buy, I feel comfortable, my own is this standard, I am happy, does not matter. Then prepare enough fruit, for example, we have a meeting in the conference room, the client company to several colleagues, so we can discuss the company powerpoint, but also eat and drink while talking, the atmosphere is better. This also does not mean that all customers have this demand, this hobby, sub-person. So, the customer eat fruit, we are happy, do not eat, nothing, we do well, there is no wrong. Find out if customers need a company car to meet most domestic customers, is not the company car to meet, they will usually drive to the factory, or take a taxi, or use other means of transportation. 

This is mainly aimed at foreign customers who come to China to see their suppliers. 99% of them don't have cars here, and there are not many customers renting cars, because each supplier seamlessly connects and delivers customers, or a major supplier to receive customers, special car to send customers to the various suppliers factory. We need to ask our customers in advance before they come to the factory. If they need a ride, they can send the company's car or ask Didi to come to our company. If the customer does not have the demand, oneself can solve, so also need not force the customer to accept our arrangement, lets the customer choose. Find out what kind of food your customers like to eat. Don't laugh at it. Ask about everything you eat. Mess up the food, you may make customers hate you. Because, India customers eat vegetarian, Arab customers do not eat pork, Europe and the United States customers do not eat chicken feet pig's feet animal offal. If we give Muslim customers to order pork stir-fry, order pork brain hot pot, etc. , then it is really disrespectful. Do not respect the customs of others, but also our careless performance, really not reliable. If the client is happy, then during the meal, we can also gain the client's favor, talk more about the client's company, or the client's family life and so on. The attitude of the salesman needs to wear professional dress, female business light makeup, preferably high heels, clean and tidy, male business, clean and tidy, to reflect the expression of confidence! Of course, you reflect professional, may add points, you are free and easy, the customer will not say what you, but our own to their own requirements and standards. Prepare product samples required by customers if there are customers who are in charge of product development, then we need to prepare the samples that we talked about with the customers before, more convenient for the sample to talk about the appearance, quality and so on. Or, prepare the sample that the customer wants to take away in advance, let the customer take away the sample, take back the test function in advance, be advantageous to the customer to place an order in advance. Of course, we prepared the sample, to advance detection function, do not wait for customers to take our sample, shake a few times, it fell apart, it is embarrassing. Also, to clean the samples, customers look very new very clean, such samples will be more popular. Prepare Company and Product Presentation Company and product powerpoint, we also have to prepare in advance, generally each company has its own company and product Presentation. We can do a little more action, according to the customer's company and product situation, to separately add some additional content to our existing information. Remember, must be skilled PPT content in advance, some business in making a speech, they are not skilled, or a word word word by word, it is embarrassing! The company and product introduction PPT, although it looks very boring, but some of the documents or to have, reflecting our professional. Also can let the customer more comprehensive understanding our company and we can do the product. However, in the explanation, a lot of inconsequential content, quickly skip, do not have to talk big, waste everyone's time. Get to the point, and then get the customer involved in discussing the products we want to work with, as well as customer concerns. Discuss with the company's engineering quality, cooperate with the customer's technology and quality, etc. . When a customer comes to see the factory, there is usually a special company to inspect the factory. However, our salesperson also has to follow up and accompany them with heart and soul, also equipped with the company's engineering and quality, in order to avoid customers asked super-difficult technology and quality problems, we also have professional colleagues to go to the docking to answer. To prove to our customers that our company is capable of R & D, as well as the ability to handle quality issues. We do business also responsible, can help customers to solve product problems in a timely manner. In short, we make these preparations in case we need them. The customer said he would come to see the factory, and generously agreed. Or, we are happy, full of confidence to take the initiative to invite customers to factory inspection. Good factory inspection is successful in general, come on, foreign traders!

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