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How Does Fiber Optic Cables Transmit Data?

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The optical fiber is a fiber made of glass or plastic and can be used as a light transmission tool. The transmission principle is total reflection of light. The former presidents of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Gao Kun and George A. Hockham first proposed the idea that optical fiber can be used for communication transmission, which made Gao Kun win the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics. Now, the optical fiber has been widely used in communication transmission, and products such as fiber optic cleaners, power distribution boxes and krone disconnection modules have also been greatly developed.


The optical fiber is encapsulated in a plastic sheath so that it can be bent without breaking. Generally, the transmitting device at one end of the optical fiber uses a light emitting diode (LED) or a laser beam to transmit light pulses to the network patch cord, and the receiving device at the other end of the optical fiber uses a photosensitive element to detect the pulses. Since the transmission loss of light in optical fibers is much lower than that of electricity in wires, optical fibers are used for long-distance information transmission. Most optical fibers must be covered with several layers of protective structures before use, and the covered fibers are called optical cables. The protective layer and insulating layer on the outer layer of the network patch cable can prevent damage to the optical fiber, such as water, fire, and electric shock. The optical fiber is similar to coaxial cable, except that there is no mesh shield.



14-2-network patch cable

1. How Does Fiber Optic Cables Transmit Data?

The optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves to transmit information in optical fibers. Since laser has significant advantages such as high directivity, high coherence, high monochromaticity, etc., the light wave in optical fiber communication is mainly laser wave, so the optical fiber communication is also called laser-fiber communication.


The Principle of the Optical Fiber Communication

At the transmitting end, the transmitted information must be converted into an electrical signal first, and then modulated to the laser beam emitted by the laser, so that the intensity of the light changes with the amplitude (frequency) of the electrical signal, and then the information is sent out through the optical fiber. At the receiving end, the detector converts the optical signal into an electrical signal after receiving it, and then restores the original information after demodulation.



2. Characteristics of Optical Fiber Cable Transmission

Since optical cables are used to transmit optical signals, so they generally use point-to-point connections. The optical fiber has low power loss and reduced attenuation, and has a large bandwidth potential, so the connectors number that the general optical fiber can support is much more than twisted pair cables or coaxial cables. The low-cost and reliable transmitter is a 0.85um wavelength light-emitting diode LED, which can support a transmission rate of 100Mbps and a local area network within the range of 1.5-2KM. The cost of laser diode transmitters is relatively high, and it cannot meet the million-hour lifetime requirement. The light-emitting diode detector PIN, which runs at 0.85um wavelength, is also a low-cost receiver.


With the development of optical fiber communication transmission projects, the maintenance of optical fibers has become very important, and it is necessary to choose a set of good maintenance tools, including male-female fiber attenuator, fiber optic adapter kits, fiber patch panel, etc.



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