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Detailed services help you to secure foreign trade orders

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The foreign trade market is becoming more and more intense, but product differentiation is getting lower and lower. Often the absolute factory for winning an order is not determined by the advantages of a single product. In fact, the quality of the products of the same industry is almost the same. In this big environment, only by paying more attention to details and quality can we impress customers and realize user conversion. How to convert users through detailed services has gradually become the focus of our work. It is easier to achieve foreign trade orders by focusing on detailed services and product quality to gain customer trust.


Improve these detailed habits, easily gain customer trust, and more easily win foreign trade orders!

1. Customer relationship maintenance

It is very necessary to maintain the customer relationship well, to ensure a certain contact frequency, which can deepen the customer's impression of you. Whether it is a customer who has made an order or a customer who has not made an order, proper contact can awaken the memory of the customer, deepen the impression, and also tap into the Customer needs, ensure that you are the preferred partner in the customer's subconscious, rather than a small transparency.

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2. Pay attention to language and emotion

It is impossible for us to make inquiries face-to-face every time, so every inquiry email reply is very important. We must let customers feel that you are a person with flesh and blood, and your attitude is worthy of trust. For every email, Be serious and responsible, and use language to express emotional care when necessary, so that users can feel your attitude towards this inquiry through your email, and it must be conveyed through text.

3. Regular file storage

Regardless of whether the customer has made an order or not, it is necessary to create a document for each customer to store contact information, inquiry records, customer-related information and transfer files. Effective file management is very necessary. If you lack such a file management tool, you You can use Rayspeed Cloud Transmission, a large-capacity free storage network disk, which integrates cross-border transmission and free storage. While helping to establish a file management structure, it can also help you quickly transfer files to customers without wasting time for both parties.

Fourth, return to the first analysis

Before replying to the customer inquiry information, carefully understand the customer inquiry needs, and at the same time understand the other company's information through the search engine, and then send the reply information after careful preparation.

5. Timely tracking of products

Product samples or other sent items are tracked in a timely manner, and customers are contacted in a planned way to collect feedback information after customers obtain samples, understand customer preferences and needs, and tap business opportunities to avoid loss of customers due to loss of samples or lack of customer support.

6. Goal setting

Setting a goal every day and accumulating new customers day by day can expand your private sea of customers. Through customer information tracking and understanding, you can find more effective information, which can help you better analyze customer needs and quickly obtain order resources.

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