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Can you find reliable customers through customs data?

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Customs data, if used well, is really an artifact.


Near the end of each year, there are always a lot of data companies selling customs data, and there are even several calls in one morning, which makes people have to suspect that this business is really profitable.

Many people got the customs data and found that there was no buyer's contact information on it, which was slightly disappointed. In fact, customs data should be used as the icing on the cake, rather than help. If your business is not good, you should strengthen business development and bill more, instead of relying on the customers on the customs data to save you. If your business is already doing well, look at customs data to see how big your potential customers and potential market are.

The company will purchase customs data in a unified manner, and organize it in a unified manner for everyone to study together. This research is mainly aimed at customers and competitors. In the customs data, you can see the monthly export information of the peers, including the volume and amount. Although it shows who is buying, as long as people go to the market to inquire, they will know who is buying. The information is so transparent now that there is no information gap at all. After one pass of feedback, the strategy for a certain country can be readjusted.

Once a new customer came up to inquire, and kept asking me for a lower price. After learning about the brand he is currently importing, I called up the customs data in the background, and found the import volume and price of this brand. The import price, I already have a very clear judgment on this customer in my heart. Knowing his bottom line and expectations will naturally be more conducive to my negotiation, and I can negotiate smoothly later.

It has to be said that customs data, as a weapon, is a good enhancer especially for manufacturers.

The customers who can appear on the customs data are basically insiders, and they are very experienced in the industry. In contrast, it is easier to make deals. As long as your products are competitive enough and of good quality, you can easily win customers. Whenever I encounter difficulties in a country, I will go through the previous customs data to understand the changes in the target market in the past few months, and whether there are new customers, so as to facilitate timely follow-up. As long as your product is competitive enough, customs data can only make you more powerful.

Now, it has been heard that this door has been closed, and the official is aware of the existence of this gray area. At least we have not received the latest customs data for many months. According to insiders, because someone bought data and bought it on the head of the General Administration of Customs, a certain boss was angry and strengthened the control, and natural data became more difficult to obtain.

Customs data is purchased according to the customs code, each code has a price, and additional codes will be charged separately. General customs data can be divided into two types. One is the customs data for all Chinese exporting companies. This part registers the data of domestic exporters. As long as you appear in the customs declaration, you can basically find the data, including And it is not limited to price, quantity, destination port, form, customs broker, customs broker's contact information, etc. The price is about 20,000 a code. The other is a web version specially made by major companies. It uses the relevant technology of search engines to capture the data of some overseas countries with open customs data, and generates the latest data in real time. The price may not be displayed separately, but generally there are Buyer information and contact information, this system is more convenient to develop customers, the price is generally 20,000-30,000 per account, and value-added services require additional charges.

Don't worry about how to find this service, as long as your company's products are exported, people who sell data will always come to your door, and you will be afraid when the call comes.

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