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What should I do if the optical module port is exposed to the external environment for a long time and is polluted? How to clean?

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Usually, the ports of the newly purchased optical modules are clean, and there is no need to clean the ports, but for the optical modules that are idle or have not been inserted into the dust cap in time, when they are used again, in order to prevent the transmission performance from being affected, we still have It is necessary to clean the port of the optical module first. Then the following ETU-LINK will explain the cleaning method of the optical module for you. First, we need to prepare an optical module electric cleaning pen or optical module cleaning stick, and anti-static gloves. Before taking the optical module, we must wear anti-static gloves to prevent the optical module from being damaged by static electricity. After picking up the optical module, aim the electric cleaning pen at the optical fiber interface of the optical module, press the button and stop for about 1 second, the pen tip will automatically clean the port, and finally pull out the pen tip to complete the cleaning of the optical module port.


In the face of more stubborn stains, you can repeat the above operation more, or dip a little alcohol on the pen and then operate. If the cleaned optical module is not used, cover the dust cap in time. If you want to use it, remember to wipe the fiber core on the optical fiber connector with fiber wiping paper to prevent the port of the optical module from receiving secondary pollution. Optical module is one of the important components in optical network transmission. If the port of optical module is polluted, it will affect its transmission performance and cause link failure.

Optical fiber cleaning pen is a tool for cleaning optical fiber connectors or ports such as SC, FC, ST, LC, etc. for communication systems using special alcohol-free materials. Male and female cleaning of connectors and flanges is possible. The optical fiber cleaning pen launched by Chengdu Lisu Technology is characterized by the fact that the operation can be completed with just one touch.

◆Disposable after use, use more than 800 times

◆Antistatic body design ensures that the product is not subject to secondary pollution by dust

◆The cleaning effect of water and oil stains is higher than that of traditional cotton swab cleaning sticks

◆Easy cleaning of connectors, flanges and fixed module end faces

◆The length of the cleaning head is retractable, and both male and female heads can be cleaned

◆The cleaning system rotates 180 degrees for comprehensive cleaning

◆Cleaning complete "Kata" sound prompt

◆Easy to use, portable

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