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How to reconnect the network cable if it is broken

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What should I do if the network cable is not long enough or is broken? This situation will happen in actual projects. The network cable is short or interrupted. The rewiring is obviously more costly and labor, so how to solve it? Let's take a look together today.


1. Twisting method

The network cable is also a transmission electric signal, so the network cable can be connected manually like a wire. The most primitive, simplest, and roughest connection method; strip the 8-core wires in the network cable separately, and twist each core wire firmly. Two network cables with the same sequence are twisted together and wound with insulating tape ;


Although the network cable is twisted together like this, after all, the network cable transmits data. It is different from the wire transmission current, so the signal loss and interference will be relatively large, so the winding method is also the one with the worst stability. Extension method. It is only suitable for emergency or temporary testing, not suitable for long-term use.

2. the wiring method

In the use of the network cable, for a long time, it is inevitable that it will be broken or bitten by a mouse. If it is broken, what does the communication staff do?


You can use a wire to connect the 8-core network cable. It is a connection method that is frequently used for broadband maintenance. It is long used in the scene where the network cable is bitten by a mouse and is locally extended;

It is easy to implement, just plug the two ends of the network cable into the adapter and fix it. A 100M network can only connect 1, 2, 3, and 6 four-core copper wires. For Gigabit, 8 network cables are required to connect. Therefore, you need to prepare at least 8 adapters (wires), and the method of use is relatively simple, but there are some precautions:

Strip the two ends of the network cable that needs to be extended to expose 3-5 cm. Please note that the network cable has a color difference. When connecting, you need to connect one by one. Do not connect randomly.

3, the connection head method

You can also use the network cable connector to connect, make one end of the network cable that is not long enough, and plug it directly into the connector. On the other end, connect another network cable with a crystal head. Using the connector, the method to solve the network cable is not long enough is simple, and the cost is not high. It can be said that the connector method is the simplest and more practical method.


4. welding method

The welding method is actually similar to the first winding method. The network cable is not long enough. In theory, the traditional method can also be used for welding. Solder the 8-core wires in the network cable separately, and the colors must match. Compared with the method of the network cable connector, the welding technology requires high, and professional welding tools are required.


This method is not recommended,One is because most people don’t bring welding tools;Second, because of the troublesome operation, the welding process requirements are relatively high;The third is because the effect is average.


Among the above four methods, the network cable connector method is the most trouble-free, just connect a connector directly, and it is very practical. Of course, the wiring method is also very good and stable. These two methods are often used to solve the problem of insufficient network cable length in actual projects.

In addition, it should be noted that the transmission distance of a network cable is 100 meters, and the actual transmission distance is about 80 meters (depending on the quality of the network cable). If welding and winding are used, the transmission distance of the network cable will be shortened, so these two methods are less used or used in special circumstances.

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