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  • [FTTX] The difference between fiber optic converter and OLT


    Fiber optic transceivers and switches are very important in Ethernet transmission, but they are different in function and application. So, what is the difference between a fiber optic transceiver and a switch? This article explains in detail for you.What is the difference between a fiber optic trans Read More

  • [FTTX] Are the optical fibers in optical cables really afraid of water?


    Are the optical fibers in optical cables really afraid of water?When the optical cable is formed into a cable, there are two protection requirements for the optical fiber: one is that the optical fiber is less stressed; the other is that the optical fiber should be waterproof.,The outermost layer of Read More

  • [FTTX] What is the bundle pigtail ?


    Bundled pigtails, also known as pigtail bundles, multi-core connectors, only have a connector at one end, and a broken end of an optical fiber at the other end, which is connected to other optical fiber cores by fusion splicing, and often appears in the optical fiber terminal box. Used to connect op Read More

  • [FTTX] Brief introduction of PLC Splitter


    What is the PLC splitter? PLC splitter is also called the optical splitter. The optical splitter is one of the important passive components in the optical fiber link. It mainly plays a role of splitting light. It is generally used to split the optical signal between the optical line terminal OLT and Read More

  • [FTTX] Transmitted system of CATV


    Cable television is also called CATV. It is a television system that uses cables or optical cables as the transmission medium to transmit television signals to users through a television distribution network. Advantages of Cable TV System Read More

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